Happy National Puppy Day

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This classic GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY is the son of our Annika and Iggy. He now resides in upstate New York and lives with a great family. You are beautiful DUKE v LICHTENWALDE, we are proud of you.    

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Your Best Friend

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When one of your best friends is a GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG you are without a doubt in good company! New York Canine’s GERTIE v LICHTENWALDE      

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Living the Dream

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” Sometimes I tell my friends I’m busy because I’d rather stay home and hang out with my dog”. New York Canine’s GUNNAR v LICHTENWALDE living the dream.    

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It’s important to stay in top physical condition when you are a dog in training and a regular veterinary exam can be a fun part of the program if you go to MONHAGEN VETERINARY HOSPITAL and are friends with Dr. LINDA. She is great with the exam, generous with the dog treats and doesn’t mind letting you ride up and down on the dog scale a few times. New York Canine’s BJORN v...

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The power of positive training internalizes good behavior and teaches dogs how to think and make smart decisions. New York Canine’s Ciara v Lichtenwalde along with her nephew Gunnar are doing a great job assessing the situation while still working independently.    

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    The 88th annual AKC ALL-BREED dog show took place on the weekend as over one thousand purebred dogs gathered to compete at EASTERN STATES EXPOSITION in West Springfield, Massachusetts . Walking away with the BEST of BREED title for puppies under 6 months was New York Canine’s SIDNEY vom LICHTENWALDE. Great job Matt and Sidney we are very proud of...

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Your VETERINARIAN is your Dog’s Best Friend

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Your veterinarian is your dog’s best friend.  In order for her to do the best possible job, it’s your responsibility to make sure your dog receives regular physical examinations.  It’s also helps to find a vet who is familiar with the German Shepherd dog. Thank you Monhagen Veterinary Hospital for keeping us healthy. Thank you Dr. Linda for socializing with us during your lunch hour so that our veterinary experience is always pleasant and fun. THE PUPPIES at New York...

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Keep your Dogs Inside

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Keep your dogs inside when the weather is bad except if they are outside having fun and you are out there with them. A few minutes in the snow can be therapeutic.  

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Scott and Fuller

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According to SCOTT and FULLER the 4- 8 month period in a young dogs life is referred to as SENIORITY CLASSIFICATION and defined by the dogs test for leadership very similar to teenaged children. The dog will test all members of his pack for weakness and then, if allowed exert his authority and move higher within the pack position. Turning a deaf ear is classic behavior in the period leading the dog to possibly disobey commands. It can last a few days or weeks depending on the skill of the owner and is again a test of the owner’s...

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Season’s Greetings

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Wishing you a Peaceful and Calm Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Wolfgang our solid Black German Shepherd is ready for the Holidays and waiting for the fun to begin.

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