Is the German Shepherd the Right Dog for You?


DSC09239At New York Canine placing our puppies into the correct home is very important to us.  Is the German shepherd the right dog for you?  Are you prepared to take on the responsibility to care for your German shepherd for its entire life?  The German shepherd requires a knowledgeable and disciplined owner who understands the importance of proper care, socialization and training. Without this knowledge owning a German shepherd could be a difficult and frustrating experience. However, if you have a well bred, top quality dog and the knowledge and time to bring the best out in him then you are in for a meaningful experience.  We offer to you and your family well socialized top notch puppies with world class pedigrees and the training to help you build a successful relationship.  Let us help you select that perfect puppy and shape him into the dog that’s just right for you.  Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.




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Johana and puppies